Your Heart is a Muscle: Unisex

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Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist. Keep loving. Keep fighting.

Design by Jill Shenker

Unisex Cut T (American Apparel brand) Sizing Chart

Price: $23.00

From the Artist: The quote, which as far as I can tell originated in a woodcut by Dalia Sapon-Shevin, has resonated with me since I first saw it on a patch somewhere almost 2 years ago. Quite separately, I was inspired to create this image of interconnected hearts after reading a poem by June Jordan. The image is a depiction of my own philosophy and sense of self-- utterly connected to those I love. Both the image and quotation get at interconnection and love as both a reason to fight for a social change and a place to draw strength, energy, and passion for that struggle.