Development Without Displacement: Resisting Gentrification in the Bay Area

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All The Arms: Petite

About the Artist: Josh Sanchez is a comic artist and zine creator living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sanchez started experimenting with DIY publishing when he was at Community High School, and published his first zine at age 19. He has also created an entirely self-published children's book, "There Are No Bears in New Mexico," and has contributed to a number of other Ann Arbor zine projects.

Your Heart is a Muscle: Petite

About the design: The quote, which as far as I can tell, originated in a woodcut by Dalia Sapon-Shevin, has resonated with me since I first saw it on a patch somewhere back around 2001. Quite separately, I was inspired to create this image of interconnected hearts after reading a poem by June Jordan. The image is a depiction of my own philosophy and sense of self-- utterly connected to those I love.

About Us

Liberation Ink is a non-profit project of Causa Justa :: Just Cause. Liberation Ink sells shirts and other products with the goal of forwarding the mission of Causa Justa :: Just Cause through the message on the shirts and through the skills training our members receive while working as staff and volunteers for the project. As always, we use sweatshop-free, union-printed shirts and offer shirts that promote racial, economic and social justice.


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